Foxtel go on mac not working

What is Foxtel Go?
  1. Foxtel GO app now allows Chromecast and AirPlay streaming - Tech Guide
  2. Why internet speed is important when watching Foxtel Now
  3. Foxtel Go Adds Chromecast Support, For A Price

Foxtel Now proves itself to be a major upgrade over its predecessor, Foxtel Play. If your broadband provider is not up to the challenge, you might end up experiencing buffering issues. And we all know how frustrating that gets. Telstra customers: Start your day free trial with Foxtel Now from Telstra. Buffering issues can occur when you have a slow internet connection or the picture quality settings may be too high. The internet speed refers to how much data the streaming of TV and movie files can be sent from its source to your player.

To check if your internet connection is up to the task, open Foxtel Now and go to Settings.

Foxtel GO app now allows Chromecast and AirPlay streaming - Tech Guide

Then, select Speed Test. And safari tells me that foxtelgo is not supported on safari. I am using a mac. I dont have other devices i can use. Can someone please help me, i really want to watch my nba and regular tv shows again.. I don't think we are going to get any helpful responses, from the posts that i have read, they just try to push people onto using the app on an iphone or android.. Let's hope we can get some support before i cancel my service.

Why internet speed is important when watching Foxtel Now

If you have a PC, then the public release version of Chrome is your go-to browser. If you are using any developer or beta versions of these two browsers, they won't be supported, neither are any other browsers at this stage.

Chrome tells me there is a pe error, which you have not addressed. Or are you guys just trained to repeat generic scripts..

My father is having the same problem, he is also considering cancelling. I see why consumers are rapidly moving across to netflix stan and other services,, foxtel technical support is rubbish.. For any customers reading.. This website uses cookies.

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But while the HD element of this upgrade is free, casting will cost you extra. For anyone not entirely sure about the different Foxtel entities, Foxtel Go is the mobile app that Foxtel subscribers can use to watch content on their mobile devices. Subscribers will now get a revamped app that also allows them to watch in HD.

You can register Go on multiple devices as well as have two screens running at once, meaning that multiple people can utilise the account simultaneously.

Compatible devices include Apple iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. However, if you would also like to cast to a TV, you will need to be a Multiroom subscriber. You'll also need Chromecast or Apple TV for it to work. So as always — read the fine print when it comes to streaming services.

Foxtel Go Adds Chromecast Support, For A Price

Or anything that requires a paid subscription. While complimentary HD is great, you'll probably enjoy it more on a bigger screen. Tegan Jones. Sep 10, , pm. And rather than stop everything to address the heckles, she did what anyone of her generation has learned to do when confronted with climate deniers.