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Older Macbooks Have Lights on the Charging Cable
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  3. Managing problems with Apple's MacBook power adapters

EDIT: I was hoping to find a hint in the notebook battery guide, but it does not mention a number:.

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Question: Q: My charger light is orange? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: ljsweatt ljsweatt. Question: Q: Question: Q: My charger light is orange? All replies Drop Down menu.

Loading page content. User profile for user: leroydouglas leroydouglas. Nov 25, PM in response to ljsweatt In response to ljsweatt Orange means it is taking a charge. Green means it is already fully charged. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: tjk tjk. User profile for user: PlotinusVeritas PlotinusVeritas. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Nov 25, PM in response to ljsweatt In response to ljsweatt Power management and Charge management on the Mac is very smart.

I realized that this issue was not going to go away anytime soon so need to optimize this log book. Today I replied to the second comment on my page from a user with the same problem. I still get the whacky colors when my MacBook is closed. Read the comments below to see what others are saying and be sure to log your issue here so we can raise awareness. As I mentioned in my reply to a comment below.

This is why I always get 3 years coverage now. Shit like this always happens to me with their products.

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I posted this article August 6th and since then there has been a steady increase in hits on the page. My plan was to wait until slow seasons to bring in my MacBook. Sine this problem my MacBook has had a few minor accidents including a drop on the floor someone tripped over the tether cable and my iPhone dropping on it which caused a minor dent on the aluminum screen casing. I can only hope that this page will back me up should I encounter any pushback.

It has pretty much stayed the same. This would explain why the spots move and seem to be affected by gravity. I will share in point form: 1. Legal Progress — Mr.

Managing problems with Apple's MacBook power adapters - CNET

Kim, the lawyer looking into this case, has now shared with me the specific information we need to collect from each person who wants to be a part of this case. I had to redesign a lot of my initial Google form. Right now there are two groups: a. People who have commented on this post below b.

I just contacted 10 of the 75 respondents on the form to see if they can go back in and add to their answers. I suspect this will not work since I turned on the edit answers part half way in and added more questions. Press Coverage Progress — I was contacted by a journalist who wanted more details. Personal Progress — The journalist above inspired me to make my own time lapse of how the orange smudges move about the scree. It took me three tries to get a production quality I was happy with lol. I hope to share it soon! I wanted to share some thoughts, observations and updates on this case.

If I understand correctly, they need Korean consumers to come forward to pursue the case domestically. Know Any Lawyers?

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Surely someone here has a connection to a lawyer who could help us get the ball rolling on this. If you know anyone who could assist us please put us in touch. Well I contacted him to see if he had any interest in investigating the causes in one of his next videos. I have only see these when it fails to fall asleep in a bag while doing something CPU intensive. Is Heat The Problem?

Managing problems with Apple's MacBook power adapters

I clearly recall a few occasions with my older MacBooks where I felt my back getting abnormally hot as I commuted by bus and subway through the city. When I slipped my MBP out of the laptop pocket of my backpack it was burning hot to the touch. The sleep function had failed to engage, the computer got hot, tried to cool itself and proceeded to get hotter because it was basically in a big insulated case. Surprisingly this never caused any noticeable damage on my older MacBooks, probably because they have an emergency overheating shutoff anyway.

Another repeating theme is that the orange spots occur near the bottom of the screen. Of course, gravity is one of the issues here but the heat vents are also located at the bottom of the screen so they could be contributing. I would be interested to know if any of you can clearly recall some kind of heating issue just prior to discovering your orange splotches. The emails will be more than likely be a brief synopses of the topics covered here with links to the latest update.

Should I require more details from consumers the request will be made via email. Once a law firm starts making progress on a case some of those updates might have to be limited to direct communications rather than posted on a public blog. All that said, feel free to unsubscribe but please note that if you do I will assume you no longer wish to be a part of this case. Still feeling over whelmed by the move to Canada with so much to get organized.

So many people have filled in the questionnaire that I am hoping will lead to a successful recall, extended warranty or class action law suit if need be. Note this number includes multiple comments by the same person and replies so not entirely representative of people with the issue — Number of people who have responded to the Google Form I created to collect more information about their problem.

Lawyers — I need to reach out to more lawyers. I just did a search for class actions against Apple to see which firms do that kind of thing in Canada and the USA. If everyone who commented here just took 10 minutes to send ONE EMAIL to a law firm with a link back to this page we would have reached over lawyers! You will have saved me Again, if you have leads or can simply send an email to the editor it would be a huge help.

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  • All you need to do is share a link to this page, the story is almost written for them already. Your email is never published or shared. Hello Haesam, Sorry to hear you have the same issue mate. Do you still have Apple care on your machine? Reply Cancel. Hey Greg, when I brought my MBP in for the keyboard recall, I just bought an identical machine for the duration of the repair, migrated them with a TB3 cable and returned it for a refund when the repair was done. Keyboard recall? So you were able to get a full refund? Has your new MBP showed any signs of orange spots?

    Thunderbolt migrations are fast with a genuine TB3 cable. Sorry to hear that, I agree they should extend. Hope they issue a recall. Thanks for sharing. I remember having the same issue once. I got the screen replaced back in January. Came back over the summer. Just sent my laptop in again today. Waiting to get it back and see what they did this time.