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How to create Mac OS X bootable USB installation media
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As you may know, you can reinstall macOS on your computer via the internet recovery. Stay away from super-cheap drives with suspiciously high storage on sites like eBay.


These drives have their firmware hacked to report a false size to your operating system. Not only will the transfer speeds be painfully slow, but using them may also result in loss of data or even a damaged USB port.

Also, check to see what ports you have on your Mac. You can only create a bootable installer for macOS on a Mac. Open Finder.

Create a Windows 7 / 8 Bootable USB Drive with Mac – COMPLETE SOLUTION

You should see your flash drive under the External section in the left pane. After selecting it, click on the Erase button along the top. This is because one of the changes in Mojave is a new way of installing updates.

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Terminal is the easiest way to create your bootable USB drive. Just replace the MyVolume portion of the command with the name you gave your drive in the Disk Utility step above.

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Take note that the commands differ slightly for creating Mojave and High Sierra installers on older versions of macOS. Copy and paste the command you need above into your Terminal window and press the Return key. After entering your password, confirm you want to erase the USB drive by typing Y followed by Return. After downloading your macOS version of choice as detailed above, you can download and install DiskMaker X.

To make changes, click the lock icon at the bottom and enter your credentials. Then click on the Plus button, navigate to the Applications folder, select DiskMaker X , and click open.

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DiskMaker X should now appear on the list. The next prompt shows one of the advantages of DiskMaker X in that you can create a multi-installation disk. This means that you can create a few partitions on your USB drive and have a different macOS installer on each partition. If you would rather create a single install disk, select Erase All Disk. DiskMaker will continue to create your disk in the background and update you on its progress.

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  8. After a few minutes, DiskMaker X will notify you that your boot disk is ready and give you some instructions on how to use it. Immediately press and hold the Option Alt key on your keyboard when it starts booting. You should now see an option to select your USB drive as a startup disk.

    macos - How do I create a Mac bootable USB drive using Windows? - Ask Different

    Some wireless keyboards may not work at this point. Upon launching the TransMac software, the Trial reminder dialog will appear. Simply click Run button to continue using the software. Step 4: Once TransMac is launched, in the left pane, right-click on the USB drive that you would like to make as bootable, right-click on the same, and then click Restore with Disk Image option. Click the Yes button when you see the warning message on your screen that the drive will be erased. Once done, Restore Complete message will pop up on the screen.

    Good luck!

    How to boot a Mac from USB media

    I have tried pressing Alt and Shift but nothing works. It does not show me a selection for USB.

    Using Unetbootin

    Please help! Not working. You should not make a disk image but bootable USB. The information given is not correct.

    How to Create a Mac OS X USB Boot Drive on Windows

    Attached the bootable usb, restarted my iMac and held the option key down. I have done a bootable drive with Transmac, but during booting from the drive, a circle with a diagonal line crossing it shows up. What do i do?