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Setting up and using the Seagate GoFlex Home storage system
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Open the Apple menu and click "Go" and then "Utilities. Tips If you have a FreeAgent GoFlex or Seagate Backup Plus drive, you don't need to reformat the disk before copying files to it -- these drives work on both Windows and Mac, as long as you install the included software. If the process fails on Mac OS If it still doesn't work, try using the version of Disk Utility on your system install disc instead. If the disk doesn't turn on when you plug it in, you can buy either a powered USB hub or a Y splitter cable to connect the drive to two USB ports.

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Unable to write to Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

The drive may have failed given the problems you are experiencing when trying to access it. A situation like this is one reason why I don't buy brand name externals from WD, Seagate, etc. The enclosures are not that great and they are a pain to open. It's possible that the enclosure itself is at fault, but it's not easy to pry those Seagate enclosures open, remove the drive, and put the drive into a dock or another enclosure to see if the drive itself is OK.

It's also possible that the cable is bad. It helps to have a couple of known-good spare cables around. External drives introduce extra variables for trouble shooting.

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You are better off in the long run to buy a decent enclosure OWC sells good ones that is easy to open, and buy whatever bare drive you want and install it. A USB3 drive dock can also come in handy when you are trying to identify a problem with an external drive.

Jan 26, PM. Jan 26, PM in response to kahjot In response to kahjot. This is my external har disk, it's sits on some kind of docking station that can be separated from the hard disk itself. I'm uncertain how to open the bar disk like you suggested, I do believe that the docking station is faulty somewhat as it keep shutting down another good similar external har disk that I have, however, when the "bad" hard disk is inserted into another working docking station, it still does not work.

Those Seagate externals with the detachable bases that contain the data and power connections are a fairly decent idea, in that you can at least try a different base if you can find one if the drive begins to be unreliable.

How to Format a Seagate FreeAgent for a MacBook

If yours is still not working when attached to a different Seagate base, then the problem seems to be with the drive itself or something in the enclosure. I have never pried open one of these Seagate cases for 3. I suspect that it might be difficult to do so without damaging the case.

I did take apart a Seagate case for a 2. It was somewhat of a pain, but I didn't have a spare base to try.

Seagate GoFlex Pro for Mac GB Hard Drive | Ghana

However, the drive works OK in a different enclosure. Feb 3, PM. Communities Contact Support.

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